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Relax, Unwind and ExploreEnjoy and InteractIndulge Yourself Completely

Relax, Unwind and Explore

Relax and enjoy being fully pampered from head to toe with an enticing fully nude, sensual massage....

Enjoy and Interact

Explore your sensual self and interact with me as I perform your sensual or erotic massage...

Indulge Yourself Completely

Fully indulge all your senses and explore your sexuality however you wish with my delightfully intimate "Full Boyfriend Experience"...

Looking For Something Special?

Are you in need of some sensual time out and personal attention?

How about a massage or sensual experience that you can create, one that has all the elements you would like to enjoy?

A unique and personal experience just for you that allows you to fully enjoy your “time-out” just the way you want to?

Tranquility offers you more than just a massage. I offer a complete sensual journey of relaxation and discovery that’s discrete, adaptable, considerate and, above all, personal.

For many years, I’ve been helping ladies to relax, un-wind and explore their sensuality with my considerate, caring and understanding approach to the sensual needs of women

from all age groups, figures and backgrounds.

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**Female massage partner required. Immediate start, great pay and good fun!** Click here for more information.

Naked erotic massage

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 I know how important discretion, anonymity and safety are for all my clients. I have a very discrete therapy room in Reigate, Surrey for you to escape to for your naturist sensual massage experience. Cool in summer and warm in winter with a year-round emotional warmth, soft lighting and gentle, relaxing music, my sensual naturist […]

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Full Body Massage

Enjoy a relaxing and soothing full-body naturist massage with a personal 1:1 that will leave your whole body both relaxed and tingly as you enjoy being fully pampered…. From the very start of your massage, you’ll be made to feel special. A head-to-toe indulgence of firm, yet gentle strokes that will help you to relax […]

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Exquisite Yoni Massage

Enjoy the sensational pleasure of a tantric yoni massage from an experienced pair of strong yet tender hands as they tease and caress the centre of your sensual spirit… After enjoying the relaxation of your full-body sensual massage, why not indulge your mind and body further and explore the delights of an intimate yoni (vagina) massage? […]

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Fully Indulgent Experience

For the ultimate in sensual and sexual exploration and personal indulgence…. If you’d like to enjoy yourself further, just let yourself go and indulge yourself fully however you like with my delightfully intimate full service massage experience…. Sensual and erotic massage can be very sexually stimulating…especially after a heart stopping yoni massage! If you’d like […]

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